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Past and present. Please check our social media for current offerings.

Sabbatical Session Ale

Rare Form Brewing Taproom

This light, crisp and citrusy ale is brewed with rye and a blend of spices. It’s also generously hopped to offer you a light but full bodied beer sure to bring you a change of pace. Hints of rye, coriander, tangerine, orange, fresh pepper, and lime.

Earth to Troy

This crisp and refreshing beer is grainy, spicy, and has earthy flavors from a balanced blend of New York and Belgian malts collaborating with New York and noble hops. The specific strain of yeast provides a fresh but funky flavor profile which in deed rounds out the earthiness of this beer and brings it to Troy. Hints of juicy fruit, lemon pepper, barnyard belgian saison funk.

Sexy Beats IPA

Get your groove on with this well-balanced India Pale Ale brewed with a heavy dose of late edition Simcoe and New York Chinook hops.

Cascadia Double IPA

A double IPA brewed with cascade and citra hops. This beer is a New England style meats West Coast style double IPA with hints of nectarine, orange, citrus, and grapefruit.

Freshy Hoppy Lager

Freshy puts a modern twist on the classic lager and offers a big, satisfying burst of American hops. Combined with a pleasant true-to-style malt backbone, Freshy tempts the craft connoisseur and still keeps the purists happy.

Members Only Brown Ale

Our take on a classic style. This brown ale has caramel, toast and nutty characteristics.

Wee Plaid Scottish Ale

Wee brewed this beer with intentions of bridging the tastes of Scotland and the Northeast. Full of rich caramel malty goodness and supported by a healthy wallop of local hops. Hints of caramel, with a bready, slightly roasty, sweeter finish. Very malt forward.

Satan's Gut Oak-Aged Imperial Stout

This deep and complex stout is as dark as the bottom of the Colorado River rapid with which it shares a name. Paying homage to the renegades that have tackled this rapid, we carefully brewed this beer with cold brew concentrated coffee and aged on whiskey-soaked American oak. Indulge with hints of coffee, whiskey, oak, vanilla, chocolate, and molasses.

Karass Robust Porter

Inspired by one of the great Troy authors, Kurt Vonnegut, this robust porter is a part of our “Karass.” Enjoy this dark and roasty beer when you are with others to whom you are cosmically linked in some significant manner. Hints of bitter dark chocolate, roasted brown sugar, almond, toffee.

Royal Toasted Coconut Cream Ale

This beer might not be the next King but could very well be the newest member of the Royal Family. This crisp cream ale has been aged on toasted coconuts to give you a refreshing and tropical experience that will make you feel like royalty.

B-Side IPA

This IPA is brewed with 4 varieties of hops, coriander, sweet orange peel, and enough orange blossom honey to make a bee blush. B-Side is a citrusy smooth IPA balanced with a backbone consisting of 3 different malts and enough kick to make you buzz.

South Troy Alley Hop

An amber ale brewed with all wild wet hops grown right in South Troy! The hops were picked fresh from the bine and minutes later tossed into the boil to create a unique harvest ale with truly local ingredients.

Steaze Spelt Saison

An all New York farmhouse spelt saison. Spelt is an ancient species of wheat seldom used in beer. We used it to bring out a new earthy and fruity characteristic to the beer.

L'homme Chat Belgian Black Session Ale

L’homme Chat is dark, fruity, and dangerous. Invented in our imaginations on a late summer night through the back roads of upstate NY, this mythological creature has come to life as a Black Belgium ale with dark fruit flavors and roasted notes.

Im an IPA Guy

Are you an IPA guy? Or gal? Then this beer is for you. Brewed with heaps of late edition hops to fill your mouth and nose with citrusy and floral flavors without forgetting about the presence of malt.

La Femme Chat

La Femme Chat, (L'homme Chat's stronger and sweeter sister) is a black Belgian ale with dark fruit flavors and roasted notes.


A truly unique beer, this black IPA is brewed with 100% brettanomyces-bruxellensis (brett) a wild yeast strand. The brett gives this beer a wonderful sweet-tart like aroma while the dark grains hint towards roast. The citrus hops give it a well rounded floral bitterness. Finally the brett leaves your mouth dry on the finish and wanting more.

Coconut Karass Porter

An island twist to our Karass robust porter. Inspired by one of the great Troy authors, Kurt Vonnegut, this porter has hints of bitter dark chocolate, roasted brown sugar and toffee. It is then aged on toasted coconut.

The Side Dish

Our fall seasonal beer, an Imperial Baltic Porter brewed with sweet potatoes and molasses. Well deserving of its name, this beer deserves a place at your table.

Saturday Sun

A hop-forward double IPA with sweet tropical aromas balanced with a nice malt backbone that finishes clean and bright with a soft bitterness.

Tripped Out!

Our version of a Belgian-style Trippel ale. Golden in color and brewed with honey and coriander, this sweet and strong ale will leave you tripping out with delight.

Yule Lad

Our winter barley wine is brewed with fresh figs and fennel. Sure to keep you warm and cozy this winter.

Yule Log

Our Yule Lad barley wine brewed with smoked figs.

Dark Tropic

Coconut porter aged in sour dark rum barrels. Put on your favorite Hawaiian shirt and kick back to enjoy this ode to summer and our first anniversary. Dark Tropic combines our favorite flavors with notes of chocolate from our Karass Porter and toasted coconut chips aged in award winning sour dark rum barrels from Central America.

Bling of Zeus

A hoppy pilsner featuring NY Zeus and saphir hops and brewed with a Mexican lager yeast for a refreshing crispness to perfectly quench your thirst.

Night Ride dry stout

This 3.2% beer is a true dark summer refresher. This jet black ale brings out chocolate that's roasty and creamy but finishes dry to quenche your thirst on a hot day, or night.

Red, White & Raw

an american wheat ale brewed with three types of wheat. A proportional blend of hard red winter wheat to impact a strong flavor balanced with the more delicate flavors from the white spring wheat and raw wheat to enhance the crisp and refreshing quality of this beer. Hopped with a blend of hops to bring hints of strawberries, lemon, and melon.

Wild Beats

Spring Creeps Spring Saison

Crisp mornings, sunny days, and beautiful blossoms mean spring is creeping up on us. This floral snd spicy amber-hued beer is our way of celebrating the season of renewal and life.

Plum Love Saison

Saison brewed with plums.

Ripple Effect Double IPA

Hardcore Leaf-Peeping

A unique fall beer - a malty brown ale made with a blend of Nine Pin Cider to give you delicious spiced caramel apple flavored ale.

Family Tree 1 & 2

An epic tale of sours. Two beers created from accumulations of blends of every barrel-aged sour produced by Rare Form.