"Scale Up" Homebrew Project

Rare Form Brewing - Scale Up Project

Please note, this is considered case by case, and is on no specific date/rotation.

We started as home brewers and know there are a lot of great beers being created in kitchens, backyards, garages, and wherever you can get water and flames. That is why we created Scale Up. Scale Up gives you a chance to brew your beer on our system.

Periodically, our tasting panel will chose one homebrewer for the Scale Up Project. Keep an eye out for the open call - we will announce them on our website and social media. With the help of our brewers, the chosen brewer will Scale Up their recipe and brew their beer at our brewery. It will then be available on tap in our tasting room until every drop is savored!

All you need to do:

  • Bring two capped bottles of your home brew to our tasting room
  • Fill out our Scale Up form (email us or stop by the brewery to retrieve this) and wait to hear from us.

Rare Form Brewing - Sale Up Project